Sr-AnnamarieOur Foundress, Sister Annamarie Cook, SLW, followed the call of the Church to a renewal of religious life, leading 90 sisters to found this new community in 1975. She believed that our lifestyle must clearly show the ideals which we profess. Following her lead we see contemporary world needs in light of the Scriptures:

“we wish to be more closely conformed to that humble, poor and chaste way of life which Jesus elected for himself and which Mary freely chose.”
(SLW Constitutions, Article 2)

Sister Annamarie emphasized mutual respect and interdependence, an awareness of personal gifts and the need to use these things for the good of the Church and World.

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We were founded on the strong belief that the Word of God which is inspired, cosmic and incarnate holds for us all the wisdom we need to live a life dedicated to God and the service of others.

Our strength comes from participation in the Eucharist. Our prayer includes quiet time alone with God as well as prayer together in Community.