A Message of Gratitude

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Paul exhorts us, “In everything give thanks.”  1 Thes.5:18

There can be great blessing in giving thanks to God for everything!  The rain and snow, the cold and heat, the friends and opponents, days of great harvest and scarcity, etc.

It is much more difficult when tragedy befalls us, and we are seeing plenty of it around us these days.  So, how can we give thanks in everything?  It is a journey of faith, of perseverance, and great humility, remembering that we are not God.  As we acknowledge this we can begin to see all sides of God’s wisdom in God’s love for us.  To live in gratitude will bring us peace.

Let us treasure those with whom we will celebrate this Thanksgiving.  May we enjoy good food, laughter, love and hope.  May this sharing of life and love keep us strong for the difficult days.

May Christ, Who lives within and among us, Who is our Life, be the source of all for which we give thanks. May we share this joyful gift with many!!

Advent 2022

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