A Christmas Message from SLW Congregational Leadership

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Dear Friends,

 “In the fullness of time . . . God sent the WORD . . . to become human.”

In this time of holiday preparations, we can feel like we are running out of time, rather than living in the fullness of time. Yet, a certain fullness of time is God’s continuing gift to us, a living in the moment where the divine is breaking into our lives, over and over again.

The Christmas season simply invites everyone to celebrate the continual ‘in-breaking’ of the divine into our human lives. That experience can be as simple as a meal shared with family or friends. It can be as profound as the arrival of a child into a family. Or it can be as life changing as a long awaited reconciliation with someone with whom we are estranged. That ‘in-breaking’ sparks wonder, a rush of fond feelings, an awe we struggle to explain. Our present-moment time is then transformed into a fullness of time, overflowing with divine power if we can recognize it.

The Sisters of the Living Word hope and pray that each of you will have some experience where the fullness of time touches your life over this blessed season of Christmas. We are grateful that you are part of our own divine encounter!

Blessings Abounding!!