Celebrating the Sacred Triduum

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The most sacred days of the year!

“During the Sacred Triduum — the days of Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday — the strangest thing will occur. Millions of Christians throughout the world will gather to honor the humiliation, torture and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In a global culture that usually celebrates power, strength and beauty, this public veneration of something so horrible is always a little shocking. Could it be that what people find so absolutely compelling about the Passion narrative is the vulnerability of God?”  (Bishop D. Hying, SimplyCatholic.com)

Statue of Mary holding Jesus after the crucifixion

During these days we honor the vulnerability of God.  Jesus handed himself over when he washed the apostles’ feet, to the scourging, and the crucifixion.  At the liturgy on Holy Thursday, we do what Jesus did at the Last Supper (in John’s gospel account).  We wash one another’s feet, and experience being of humble service to one another.  Good Friday, we learn again, the suffering Christ endured for our salvation, and we carry our cross with him so that we can love like He does.

Holy Saturday, we do not celebrate any formal liturgy together.  We rest and await the power of God to transform suffering into joy, death into life, and fear and timidity into courage and hope.  Just like the apostles, Mary and the women, we dare to believe that there IS new life emerging from the horror of what happened these last days of Jesus’ life.  Beyond anything imagined we are gifted with hope for a new world through the life of Jesus Christ.

Let us let God love us through God’s Son during this sacred time and let us walk these days from death to the new life of Easter….together as God’s people.

Sisters of the Living Word Leadership Team