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For most of us, the journey to Bethlehem, the lack of accommodations, the seeming inhumanity of the residents there cause sadness. Yet, it was the total creation that welcomed Christ that first Christmas morning. It was fitting that a cave—unformed by human hands received Him. The sheep—creatures of earth—and the shepherds—men close to the earth—gave […]

Tuesday, December 25

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Bethlehem was the destination of Mary and Joseph, not because of some lofty motive but because the circumstances of the time, a census, brought them. Jesus’ first resting place was a manger, a feeding trough for animals, in a town called “place of Bread,” both descriptive of His mission to us. When we look around […]

Monday, December 24

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M & Ms and Christmas Eve? A red or green one could remind us to discern both the Message and Mission the Holy Spirit planted in each Scripture passage…   In 2 Samuel, “…that same night the word of the Lord came to Nathan…” changing David’s dreams, showing God’s even greater plans, right up to […]

Sunday, December 23

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Mary was just a teenager and newly pregnant, yet she went to visit her elderly cousin Elizabeth. She listened to the words of the angel and did not hesitate. This was a trip of over eighty miles. She had told no one; however Elizabeth greeted her with the knowledge of her pregnancy and that the […]

Saturday, December 22

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Today our first reading gives us part of Hannah’s story. Earlier in her story, she prayed, “weeping copiously,” asking God for a male child. Eli, who saw only her mouth moving, accuses her of being drunk, but Hannah explains. Eli was attentive and listened, blessed her, and asked God to grant her request. Now we […]